Faithful Friday: St. Toribio Alfonso de Mogrovejo

By Catherine Liberatore (Rated G)

Toribio Alfonso de Mogrovejo was born in Spain in 1538 to a family of high standing. As such, he was able to receive an exceptional education, which proved to scintillate his preexistent intellect and ambition. After working his way up to become a professor of law, he was ordained and eventually decided to carry out his ministry overseas in Peru.

In Lima, he sought to care for those indigenous to the land by learning their language, teaching the Gospel, and baptizing them. This ministry was arduous, as his diocese was vast and difficult to traverse. During his travels through Lima, he encountered – in solitude – the adversity of weather, wildlife, and opposed tribes. However, he was persistent through this due to his genuine care for the native people of Peru, which was diametrical to the neglect they often experienced from those in power.

As an advocate for the people of Lima, St. Toribio was earnest to strengthen their infrastructure and society as a whole. He built roads, churches, hospitals, schools, and founded the first seminary in the Americas. As such, his ministry spread to a vast population of Peru, and his influence in spreading the gospel of peace in the western hemisphere is indisputable.

May we, as St. Toribio Alfonso de Mogrovejo, labor earnestly for the cause of the Gospel, even through moments of adversity and isolation.


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