Happy Birthday ITW

If you are reading this, you either mysteriously got here by accident (in which case, please forget you ever saw this) or your initials are above and


So turn that frown upside down and be happy cuz today we celebrate you. Even if I’ve forgotten this webpage exists by August.

Never forget that no matter what life sends you, you are a beloved child of God who also happens to be an amazing person because you’ve put so much work into character development. You are always there when I need someone to lean on or to help me or to make me smile. You are a truly awesome person and I’m so glad to have you in my life as one of my best friends as well as my assistant editor aka go-to person for anything that throws me for a loop. Also, let me say here that I am SO PROUD of you and all you’ve accomplished despite all the many, many setbacks thrown your way. So. Incredibly. Proud.

So happy birthday. And yes, I mean to wish you a happy birthday and I mean that we are happy for your birthday whether you want it or not, and I mean to say that you should feel happy on this particular birthday and I am simply stating that this is a birthday to be happy on. Which is more redundant in this form than in the original “good morning” form…. oh well.

Know that I continue to pray for you every day, and I hope that this is your best year yet!