Updates – I’m going to try to do one a week after each magazine comes out, and possibly random other times.


  • Wow okay it’s been a LONG time since I did this…. Oops.
  • Stats:
    • Winter 2020 (Feb) visual: 111*
    • Winter 2020 (Feb) audio: 35 Youtube / 8 Anchor etc
    • Spring 2020 (May) visual: 33*
    • Spring 2020 (May) audio: 9 Youtube / 7 Anchor etc
    • Summer 2020 (Aug 6) visual: 12 already!*
    • Summer 2020 (Aug 6) audio: 6 Youtube already! / 0 Anchor etc
    • *Please note the visual is based on people looking at the post; idk how many actual reads there were.
  • Next Mag:
  • Followers
    • 47 on WordPress
    • 105 on Facebook
    • 2 on Twitter
    • 6 Youtube subscribers
  • Advertisers – 2 paying advertisers, plus Anchor which pays a couple cents per listen if you advertise them on your audio, and quite a few of us for your payment cuz that’s all I currently have
  • Financial: Our paypal account has $30.67 in it, which means we can pay for our website, at least. Woohoo!!
  • Blog – I’ve got a lot of Amanda’s work, some of my own work, and a lot of work from Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall. I’d love to have more than just 3 authors running on the blog… If you’ve got any old stuff, or you’re writing any new stuff, I’d love to see it!!
  • October Voting: After the next mag – so in October – we’ll be voting our theme for next year and for Editor in Chief again cuz that’s a yearly thing, and (because this is what we agreed on last year) each staff member who wants to stay a staff member is supposed to contribute $1+ if you haven’t done so this year. The more money we get in, the more marketing we can do.
  • Please spread the word about the mag far and wide!
  • If you’ve read this, please drop a line in the group chat 🙂