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What is LogoSophia Magazine?

LogoSophia Magazine is dedicated to creating and cultivating connections, unity and understanding between Christian denominations, under the leadership of an elected Editor in Chief.

LogoSophia is an online interdenominational Christian magazine that is published quarterly (in February, May, August, & November). At the start of the year, the staff will decide on a new theme for the year’s four issues, with possibilities ranging from the many virtues of life to the heavy burdens of our world. Both the magazine and the blog publish a wide array of creative material to encourage interesting conversations and emotional connections between Christian believers of different denominations and cultures. Learn more here.

Our Latest Blog Posts:

  • In Defense of Fiction

    October 28, 2021 by

    A creative God who created mankind in His image would not stop us from continuing to create, as long as He is part of the equation. This then calls to mind one of the gifts of the Holy Ghost, that of discernment. In order to find out if something is truly good or evil, we must take the time to discern its purpose as well as what we take from the product…

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  • Autumn in Texas

    October 26, 2021 by

    A rustic dilettante, all ready to flirt
    In his old khakis and a chambray shirt
    Old boots, old gloves, a mattock or rake to wield
    A boulevardier of row crops in the field

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