Meet the Contributors


Sarah Levesque (staff 2019-present) was not planning on creating a new magazine, but when God puts something on your heart, you do it. And she’s super excited about it too! Sarah has been a reader since before she can remember, a writer since age 6, an editor since age 12, and a magazine-worker since age 20. She’s proud to be a geeky Roman Catholic, and hails from New Hampshire. Sarah is the foundress of LSM.

Assistant Editor

Ian T. Wilson (staff 2019-present) is an eccentric comic artist, writer, armchair theologian, skilled craftsman, and gardener. In a word, a Renaissance man. He considers himself simply “Orthodox, but not Eastern”. He hails from a small, out-of-the-way village in Northern New York we guarantee you’ve never heard of, and he likes it that way. He has a black belt in Karate, and is certified in shenanigans. You can read his comics, blog, and other content at He is also known to write short fiction on Reedsy.
Ian is a founding member of LSM and is our Social Media Master.


Monica Murray Derr (staff 2020-present) is an editor, writer, stage manager, and bookseller. She lives in New Hampshire surrounded by stacks of unread books. Monica is our second pair of eyes on every submission.

Joshua David Ling (staff 2019-present) is a multimedia storytelling wizard. He does everything from building websites to video editing to public speaking, to DJing, to just about anything you can think of. And what allows him to do all of that is three things: his faith in Christ, his beautiful wife and children, and his ability to see the underlying story in everything around him. He’s excited and motivated to tell stories and help people tell their own through media and this amazing gift known as the internet. Joshua is our Podcast Prince, a regular contributor to Controversy Corner, and a founding member of LSM.

Amanda Pizzolatto (staff 2019-present) is a kitchen assistant at a high school and a writer currently living in Colorado. She has a few small projects published on Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, Wattpad, Fanfiction, and Archive of Our Own under her pen name Aurora Mandeville. She’s been finding inspiration for several stories from the lives of the Saints, the Holy Bible, and traditions she’s found out about that have become dormant in the Faith. A practising Roman Catholic (and loving it! Reading about the pagan pantheons makes her so glad to be a Catholic), she’s just working on following God’s plans for her, which she has figured out writing and marriage is part of it. Other than that, working on more stories to be published. Amanda is a founding member of LSM. Happy Reading! 

T. K. Wilson (staff 2019-present) is a dreamer of dreams and a maker of things, living and writing somewhere in the mountains of New York. Considering herself most closely allied with the Anglo-Catholic family of churches, she finds nuggets of truth wherever she can. From an early age, she found herself most at home with her “writing teachers” Lewis, Tolkien, and Jacques, and somewhere off in Faerie. She can often be found brainstorming with her brother, Ian T. Wilson, laying the groundwork for her latest story. T.K. is a founding member of LSM.

Volunteers & Contributors

Judith Alkema is an artist/bard/creative/designer/educator currently living and working at a Christian university on the East Coast of South Korea.  Her pilgrim journey has taken her from her Reformed roots to a Celtic faith which values Word, Art, and Nature as essential elements revolving around the central figure of Christ.  A lay sister of Belle Coeur, a wife and mother, and a worship leader, Judith designs branding, collages images, bakes bread, writes liturgy, burns cedar, restores furniture, sniffs saltwater, plays piano, creates curriculum, and lives intensely. She is a founding member of LSM and created our logo.

Billy Beauchesne is the founder of JESUS aCROSS the Border, an organization dedicated to connecting Catholic Young Adult Groups.

Lauren Brouillette is a founding member of LSM. She also is the accompanist in the hymn Holy Holy Holy in the Summer 2020 audio issue.

J.C. Ellis is a Confessional Lutheran and poet who lives in New Brunswick, Canada. He is married to a wonderful woman and has a daughter. He loves classical music, literature (especially fantasy), art, good food and drink. He is a regular contributor to Controversy Corner.

Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall was raised in situational poverty on the farm (no more cows, no, no more! End the mooooo!), was a Navy Corpsman in Viet-Nam, worked his way through university as an LVN on the night shift, and is a retired high school teacher (“Bueller…Bueller…”) and former community college part-time adjunct instructor of no status whatsoever.  As the recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Fellowship, Y’r ‘Umble Scrivener was on the faculty of the University of Notre Dame.  The waiters at the ND Faculty Club were not impressed. He has been the recipient of other various awards, fellowships, and an honorable mention (it’s always nice to be mentioned).  Lawrence Hall’s poetry has been rejected by some of the finest magazines in the world but can be found on as e-reads, as bits of dead tree, or on his website.

Michael Hoogasian is the mind behind Sharkangel Books – Midnight Streams.

Kelsey Mercurio is passionate about Christ, her fellow man, plants and much more.

Jamison N is a House Church Christian from Arizona who is always asking difficult questions, but keeps one foot in the Catholicism of his upbringing, rooted in layman Ignatian spirituality. He values interfaith dialogue, and writes strictly for enjoyment, believing that everyone should have an opportunity to be involved with literature and poetry, even the less talented.

Amy Narkis is the soprano voice in Holy Holy Holy, found in the Summer 2020 audio issue.

Elizabeth (Liz) Nguyen (staff 2019-2020) is a graphic designer, illustrator, programmer, dreamer, and writer on a pursuit to find Jesus in all that is created. She loves the unpredictability of our God-given imagination for the beauty and awe that can be discovered within art, music, dreams, culture, digital technology, and story-telling. Coming from a tight-knit Vietnamese Christian family with Evangelical roots, she is currently seeking God and His boundless wisdom in the quiet but precious state of New Hampshire. Liz was a regular contributor to Controversy Corner, a founding member of LSM and was a huge help in creating our website.

Jordan Quigley is the talent behind the version of Amazing Grace found in our Spring 2020 audio issue.

Isabella Summitt is a founding member of LSM.

Rose Therese is a regular contributor to LSM.

Killarney (KJ) Traynor (staff 2019-2020) is an accountant by day and a writer/screenwriter/actress/director by night (and weekend). She is constantly overbooked, more curious than a cat, loves God, history, and literature, and has more books in her To-Be-Read pile than most people have in their entire house. You can find her books and more at She lives in New Hampshire and is a convert to Roman Catholicism. KJ is a founding member of LSM.

Mariella (Ella) Warncke is a graphic designer who lives with her family in a small town in New Hampshire. She has two crazy, super happy dogs. She loves to read, write, play video games (specifically “The Sims” and “Zelda”), and binge-watch Netflix. Ella is a founding member of LSM.

Christopher Woods (staff 2019-2020) was a regular contributor to Controversy Corner and a founding member of LSM.

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