Terms & Conditions

Submissions & Commenting: LogoSophia Magazine is focused on learning about the various expressions of Christianity and about finding Truth. To this end, we insist that our authors and commentators highlight their own expressions (shortcomings as well as strengths) and beliefs as opposed to pointing fingers or tearing down the expressions of others. All submissions and comments are expected to be respectful of differences and unaggressive in tone. If there is a point of contention, a calm, respectful conversation using the Bible as a mutual reference is acceptable. Anything else may be subject to deletion by the editors.

Editing: Minor edits may be made by our staff, but any content changes will be with the author’s permission only.

Submission Rights:

  • All rights for a work are retained by the author, including reprinting rights.
  • An author may request to have his/her work taken off the blog at any time
  • However, copyright of each issue as a whole is held by the magazine. Once published, no submissions may be removed from the issue, just like in any print magazine.


  • An author may reprint his/her work at any time without permission from the magazine, though we would greatly appreciate being mentioned.
  • An author must indicate at the time of submission whether or not his/her work may be republished with other organizations should they ask. This response may be changed at any time by contacting the editor.
  • Other people/magazines/etc. must receive permission from the magazine before reprinting any work published by the magazine.