Carol of the Bells

By Amanda Pizzolatto (Rated G)

Bells are ringing

Choirs are singing

All is joyous and bright

Make some noise

Both girls and boys

For heaven has sent its light

Look in the sky

Angels sing on high

Adding their voices to the bells

For Christ has come

To bring us home

To raise all who fell

Ding a ling dong

Hear the bells’ song

Ringing out far and wide

Big and small bells

Even the jingle bells

Bring joy for the countryside

Celebrate today

And make way

For good times and cheer

Listen well

For a swell

Of bell chimes coming here

Ding a ling dong

Hear the bells’ song

As they go up and down

Sleigh ride jingles

And frosty air tingles

For people going to town

Know it’s time

When bells chime

Santa Claus is on his way

When bells ring

And choirs sing

Rejoice, it’s Christmas Day!

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