The Guardian Angel

By Amanda Pizzolatto

The angel didn’t know what to do; his charge was always grumpy and miserly. It seemed that he had no joy in life, no love for his fellow man. And no matter what the angel did to get his attention, which was nothing short of waving a flag in his face, he didn’t listen. The angel took his problems to God every day, hoping, praying, that God would give his charge the change of heart needed to return to God’s graces. You see, the angel loved his charge so very much; he didn’t want him to miss out on a beautiful relationship with God and so he worked very hard to get the man to even notice his fellow men. But nothing seemed to work, and all the angel got for his hard work was complaint after complaint about one thing or another. Each day, it seemed the man was getting worse, delving deeper and deeper into the depths of despair, rather unknowingly, and the pits of cold-heartedness. But once an angel has made up his mind, he cannot go back on a decision, and this man’s angel had made it his duty to never give up on the man’s soul, dire as his situation may be, the angel would keep right on working and keep right on praying. Whenever someone prayed for the man, whether it was one of his family, a friend, or someone on the street, the angel would gather those prayers and send them up to God with a few of his own to sweeten the deal. But all the angel got was, “Not yet.” The angel did not complain, that was much better than a no, after all, a not yet meant it would happen, the man just needed the right thing at the right time, and it wasn’t the right time yet.

God finally gave the angel a yes; it was time for the man to get a change of heart. God sent the man a series of events that would open his eyes to the wrongs he had been committing to his fellow man and the harm he was doing to his immortal soul. The angel, quivering with pure joy, was always by the man’s side during these events, though the man didn’t know it. And as God had promised it would, the man got a change of heart, just in time for Christmas Day. That day, Heaven received many thanksgivings for the change of heart in the man. The man continued to become a better man day by day, keeping the lessons he learned that Christmas Day so very close to his heart. But it wasn’t until the day he died that he met the final player, the other person petitioning for his salvation, his own guardian angel. The angel had been by his side through thick and thin, often times unheeded, but always watchful. The man was finally able to thank the guardian angel for everything he had done for him, and thanked God for giving him such a loyal and powerful friend. Even more so, he thanked God for his change of heart, for now he could stand in the presence of God, worshiping Him with the dearest of friends, his guardian angel.

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