Choirs of Angels

By Amanda Pizzolatto (Rated G)


Hovering near the everlasting Lord
Drinking up every Holy Word
These beings burn bright with desire
Burning with a love hotter than any fire
And as they approach on every side
Behind their six wings they hide 
Their voices raise in glorious song
Praising God all eternity long 


These are nothing like the little cherubs
Shown flying with doves and hugging cubs
No, they are really so much more
With heads and wings numbering four
They sparkle like burnished bronze
As they carry God’s throne with psalms
They are quite the sight to see
As they contemplate the Holy Trinity


Thrones, or Elders, work as God’s hand
As God’s justice is what they demand 
They mete out judgment at His command
Bright and glorious before Him they stand
Ready to act upon His word
To punish the world by fire or sword
Or spare those who have obeyed the Lord
These keepers of a mighty ford


Also known as Lordships or Dominations
It is their duty to protect the world’s nations
And to regulate the duties of the lower choirs
They do their jobs well as heavenly squires
Watching over countries and their leaders
And keeping a watch out for the succeeders 
Though they are often unheeded in national affairs
That does not lessen just how much they care 


For these so aptly named beings
Think of the word’s original meaning
So large and full of might they are
As they command the planets and the stars
Keeping heavenly bodies well in their places
All while hiding their glorious faces
And while they guard the heavenly borders
They must protect Nature’s order


The Powers have great authority
Over consciences and as keepers of history
They are the first ones the lower choirs go to 
When they have a question, a suggestion, or two
Or any concerns with the order of creation
Before heading to the One responsible for its formation
They also work as warriors for the King 
Fighting evil until the judgment trumpets ring 


This choir works closely with the Powers
But handles the blessings that God showers
And the graces that are asked for 
To get us through what life has in store
They are also the guardians of the sciences and arts
And inspire everyone in whatever they take part


These princes are among the better known 
To some a few have even been shown
Revealing just a portion of their glory and might
Only seen by human eyes as clothed in light
These princes of the lower choirs
Igniting in humans the divine fire
One of these leads the heavenly force
All making sure time runs its due course


This is the lowest choir of them all
And yet they have answered the Divine call
The wonderful task to be a guardian dear
As God’s love for us sends them here
Ever loving and watchful at our sides
And if we listen, they’re wonderful guides
Lighting our way with God’s grace
Until the day we can meet face to face

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