Winter 2020: The Church as the Body of Christ: Unity & Community

Join us as we explore the Church as the Body of Christ, Unity & Community. In these pages you will find things we all hold in common and things we disagree on. You will find non-fiction, poetry, reflections, puzzles, book and media recommendations, and a fictionalized account of a real fight with the devil. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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Table of Contents:
Editor’s Note
Christ Has No Body But Yours – Authorship Disputed
When God Speaks – Sarah Levesque
Letter to Chesterton – Killarney Traynor
Catholic – Amanda Pizzolatto
Incarnation in Words – Jamison N
True Wisdom – Ian Wilson
Suffering – Billy Beauchesne
Controversy Corner – Joshua David Ling, Ian Wilson, Sarah Levesque & Christopher Woods
Canticum Caritatis – Michael Hoogasian
City of God (Hymn) – Samuel Johnson
Strings – Rose Therese
The Prayer Rope – Christopher Woods
Ode to Mary – Sarah Levesque
Never Alone – Amanda Pizzolatto
Jesus, Unity & Community – Sarah Levesque
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