Prayer for the Guarding of the Mind

Author Anonymous by request

Lord Jesus, I lack custody of mine intellect. Mine imagination is incessantly summoning my traumas and my sins, troubling my heart and diverting me from contemplating Thee, Who art all deserving of my love. Help me to give into Thy riven hands my whole intellect and imagination, fully trusting Thee to heal and restore me. I believe in the resurrection of the dead. Give me grace to cease hurting myself. Reclaim the mind Thou madest in me, taking full possession thereof and leaving no place unfilled. I yearn to think only of Thee, mine only Help and Good. Repair the ruined mansion that Thou may dwell therein. I retain for myself no control or self-mastery, which leadeth to destruction. I abandon into thy bloodied hands. Give me unmindfullness and holy forgetting that I may stand and serve Thee, in Thee and by Thee, walking uprightly and doing all good works Thou hast for me to do, until I behold Thee face to face, and know as I am known. Illumine my mind with Thy grace that I may recognize the occasion of sin and flee to Thy wounds for safety. Kill Thou my pride. Take me out of mine own hands. 

O Mother of Sorrow uphold me in my good resolution of self-abandonment. Help me to leave all unhelpful attachments behind, cleaving only to thy Son after thine example. Mother who held the drained corpse of thy Son, very God, bread from heaven, grain ground in the mill of the cross, grape crushed in the wine-press of Gethsemane, when the sun refused to shed its light, help me to cling to Him in my mental and spiritual darkness. Make me ever mindful of His presence in me, that my mind may be ordered and my thoughts made holy. Obtain for me the grace to trust He maketh all things new. I believe in the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come. Amen

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