Notre Dame

By Amanda Pizzolatto (Rated G)
Editor’s Note: This poem was written soon after the Notre Dame Fire just over a year ago.

Notre Dame, why do you cry?
Notre Dame, what are you trying to say?
Will you be born again anew
Like your Master on Easter Sunday?
We all hope you will be fine soon
Where else could we find your Rose Window?
Or the famous bells that awake the town
Rung so lovingly by the hunchback Quasimodo?
Or the gargoyles that stand guard,
Protecting those who seek sanctuary and the Lord?
He has said that the fires of hell shall not prevail
And God in the Holy Trinity always keeps His Word
So be built anew, dear Notre Dame
Continue to watch over Paris and its people
Continue to awe us with your art
Your statues, your history, and your steeple
For of all the churches in all of Europe
You are the most well-known by name
Thanks to the hunchback of Victor Hugo
Let Paris continue waking to the bells of Notre Dame.

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