Summer 2020: The Church: Liturgy & Worship

Join us as we explore liturgy and worship. In these pages you will learn about how different people worship and the liturgical practices of different denominations. You will find non-fiction, poetry, puzzles, book and media recommendations, and a new set of prayers for your prayer beads. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Read it on or as a PDF (suggested for mobile readers):

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Table of Contents:
Controversy Corner – Various Authors
Letter to Charles Dickens – Killarney Traynor
Confessions of a Sound Booth Girl – T.K. Wilson
Book & Media Suggestions – Various Authors
Distracted: Memories of Mishaps at Mass – Sarah Levesque
Holy Holy Holy – Reginald Heber & John B. Dykes, audio performed by Amy N (melody), Sarah Levesque (harmony), & Lauren Brouillette (accompanist)
You Worship What? Dispelling Myths About Catholicism – Sarah Levesque
The Rosary & The Family of God – Amanda Pizzolatto
Scripture Search
Freedom to the Captives – A Protestant Prayer Beads Prayer – Rose Therese
Modern Worship Music: A Criticism – Ian Wilson
Little Planets – Liz Nguyen
Bible Trivia
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