A Chance for Faramir

By Sarah Levesque (Rated G)

I see you, my friend,
Riding off again,
On orders from madmen.

You strive for success,
You give it your best,
But you won’t pass the test.

You stand and you fight
With all of your might,
But here is your plight:

You can’t prove your heart
If you can’t reach the bar
Which is always too far.

You come back, my friend,
When you’ve reached the end,
And find it’s moved again.

You never can win
If you follow such things,
So look for the King.

He’ll know it’s your best
And applaud your success
And then you can rest.

For there is no shame
In losing a game
Where all is in vain.

You’re worth so much more
Than the madmen will score,
But you may be sure

When you see the King,
He’ll acknowledge your win
And help you feel whole again.

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