A collection by Amanda Pizzolatto (Rated G)

Fizzle, fizzle, crackle, pop
A shriek, a crack and a boom
An explosion of colors across the sky
Like a blossom just beginning to bloom

An echoing flower
Has just burst into light
Its fiery petals
Glowing in the night

The colors shoot out
Spreading all around
Making a lovely picture
Before coming to the ground

Colors of red, white, and blue
Fill up the sky
Before oranges and yellows
Take their turn, soon goodbye

Fizzle, fizzle, crackle, pop
A shriek, a crack, and a boom
An explosion of colors across the sky
As fireworks compete with stars and moon

A Day at the Beach
The summer is here, the sun beating down
This intense heart bringing so many frowns
Time to turn that frown into a smile
We haven’t been to the beach in a while

Pack the bags and grab the ball
There’ll be plenty of fun for all
Pile into the car and let’s get going
We want to get there before it starts snowing

Here we are, how exciting!
That beach looks so inviting
The ocean breeze feels wonderful on the face
We have come to the perfect place!

Get out the umbrella and the lotion
We are going to need some protection
From the sun’s glaring heat
Oh, just feel that sand beneath your feet!

Running across the sand to the crashing waves
Shall we search for shells and a cave?
Make a castle, go for a swim
Watch a crab on a whim

Oh, that cool sea breeze feels so grand
With the waves crashing upon the sand
This has been the perfect place for some fun
In that summer heat, under the glaring sun

A cling and a clang
Ice cubes go in the cup
A cool beverage is poured on top
Soon it’ll be all drunk up

A cooling sensation for your throat
A perfect mix of sweet and sour
Sometimes pink, but mostly yellow
It’s sometimes drunk by the hour

When lemons come your way
What can be made?
When life gives you lemons,
Go make some lemonade!

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