Washing Dishes

By Sarah Levesque (rated G)

The biggest pile that e’re was seen
Of pots, pans and dishes, stacked and unclean,
Nigh on three feet of the countertop covering
I must begin soon ‘fore the fruit flies start hovering!
I peer at the dishes until it is plainer
What order to wash so they’ll fit in the strainer.
With plan calculated I turn on some songs
Since chores are more easy when singing along.
Knives and small covers are first – here I go!
They’re soon placed to dry on the strainer below
Lids for pots and our small frying pans.
I’ll try to make these big cookie sheets stand.
Saucepans are next, and the big pasta pot
Gets an old-fashioned scrubbing with water quite hot.
The colander now with its hundreds of holes;
I’ll put it on top of a big serving bowl.
The blender’s sharp blades are soon under the bubbles,
It fits ‘gainst the pile without any trouble.
My old water bottle will fit in this space;
Some newly-clean spoons can go ‘most any place.
The whole pile’s done, in the strainer drip-drying
(Until mother’s done with her hamburger frying!)

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