Autumn 2020: The Church: Ministry & Hierarchy

Join us as we explore ministry and hierarchy. In these pages you will learn about how what ministry means to different people and how authority works in different denominations. You will find non-fiction, poetry, puzzles, book and media recommendations, and a new look at Frozen II. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Read it on or as a PDF (suggested for mobile readers):

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Table of Contents:
About Ministry – Amanda Pizzolatto
Scripture Search
The Only TV Preacher I Trust: A Look at Father Brown – Rose Therese
Controversy Corner – Various Authors
[I AM] the One You’ve Been Waiting For – Liz Nguyen
On the Ordination of Women – Ian Wilson
Book & Media Suggestions – Various Authors
Hymn: Holy God We Praise Thy Name – Ignaz Franz, transl. Clarence A. Walworth
(Performed by Sarah Levesque)
Peter & Faramir: Stewards of the Kingdom – Sarah Levesque
Letter to Dorothy L Sayers – Killarney Traynor
The Bishop’s Secret – Ian Wilson
Regina Caeli – Sarah Levesque
Bible Trivia
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