By Olivia Ruigrok (Rated G)

Discernment is a handy thing,
to see a pattern before it’s due.
This talent is observing
the things that people say and do;
“There’s a sucker born every minute”
or so the saying goes,
I don’t think they were far from the truth,
at least, from what I know.
To those who cannot spot a pattern:
I, too, have been a victim.
You think this time it will be different
but you can’t change what has been written.
No matter all the words you speak
or pointing out the facts,
some people would just rather leave
the right side of the tracks;
A pattern is a deadly thing,
it keeps you thinking you have changed;
Only to circle the mountain again
with a different set of complaints.
It can keep you isolated
from the truth you need to hear,
until the track is worn to death
around the base of what you fear.
A pattern is never confronting,
it will take you for a ride;
And leave behind the people who
could have helped you save your time.
If you think that you’re immune,
I’d say take a look again;
Everyone has addictions
that they’re afraid will never end.
But there is always hope,
we’re not here to be alone;
If you find yourself without a friend,
we’ll be here to bring you home.
If Jesus sacrificed himself
to redeem you from your sin,
Any pattern you justify
is not too powerful for Him.

What do you think?

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