God’s Swift Love

By Lyn Wilson with T.K. Wilson

God’s heart moves at the speed of love

He is not constrained by the passage of earthly time.
An answer to a plea that may take an eternity to you
is an eternal opening to the gates of grace for him.

Woven through the tapestry of your life, His love.
Unseen now in the unfinished life we await our home going
The tapestries of the saints hung in the gallery of mercy
Viewed by all who are called his children.

Grace unbidden, unmerited, at times unrecognized
Mercy spread about to even those who curse Him.
Readily we accept from His hand the immediate answer
Waiting, seemingly a punishment.

The annals of Kingdom history blesses the waiting room of life
As the blood flowed from His side so the love flows from His heart
Though the balm of peace seems far from the hurting
The Great Physician has never taken his eye off his beloved.

Prayer changing not the God of eternity
Changes us for His purposes
Not for understanding the temporal situation
But for a greater glimpse into the fount of blessing.

July 16, 2014 (copyrighted use by permission only)

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