Midnight Mass Christmas Eve

By Amanda Pizzolatto (Rated G)

The snow falls gently to the ground, sparkling like stars in the pale moonlight. All around lays a gentle silence, as if the world is holding its breath in anticipation of a momentous occasion. In sharp contrast to the silence, cold, and darkness is a church all aglow with the light of several candles as voices raise in joyous song. Jesus Christ has been born!

He has come, the God made man, the Light of the World, the Divine Savior! He has come as a baby; born of the Virgin mild, announced to the world by choirs of angels, and visited by shepherds and kings. By coming as a baby, He has shown us the beauty of the womb and the giving of life, for blessed and sacred indeed is the womb that bore Him and the woman who gave birth to Him. Blessed also is he who watched over them, and protected them, doing his duty by them as the husband and foster father. Blessed are the shepherds and the Magi who visited the little family in their poor abode, the first to hear and respond to God’s call.

The parishioners continue to sing in joyful chorus, raising their voices to join the angels in their gladsome tidings. The candles flicker as incense is raised to the sky, offering prayers to the Deity on high in thanksgiving for sending His Son to save us. Bells are ringing, choirs are singing, Christ is near at hand. Here He comes; here He is, come to us yet again as something small. First a babe, and now as bread as the Host takes on His essence. Oh, to receive Him, to hold Him near to your heart! And to think it all started on the first Christmas day in the little town of Bethlehem in a stable, the only bed a manger of hay.

Sing out with a loud voice, sing with gratitude and joy, our God and King has not forsaken us! Raise your voices and join the angels’ song, sing of glad tidings and cheer. Rejoice, rejoice, for Christ has come!

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