Winter 2021: Acts of Mercy: Corporal Works of Mercy

Join us as we explore the Corporal Works of Mercy. In these pages you will learn what the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy are, how having an open-door policy effects a family, what it’s like to be in need and overlooked, and what prison looks like from the inside. You will also find non-fiction, poetry, book and media recommendations, and puzzles, as well as our various views on war in Controversy Corner. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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Table of Contents:
Editor’s Note – Sarah Levesque
Letters to the Editor
List of the Works of Mercy
Matthew 25:31-48
Corporal Acts of Mercy Introduction – Sarah Levesque
The Invisible Family – T.K. Wilson
Scripture Search
The Insane Mercy of God – Ian Wilson
True Hospitality – Keturah Lamb
Ubi Caritas – Traditional Latin Office Hymn (Performed by Amy N.)
Dostoyevsky’s House of the Living – Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall
Some People Are Not in Prison – Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall
A Soup – Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall
What Does Jesus Look Like – Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall
Controversy Corner – Just War
7 Movies That Will Inspire You to do the Corporal Works of Mercy – Killarney Traynor
Book/Media Suggestions – Various
Saint Joseph, Worker of Mercy – Sarah Levesque
For the Least of These is Me – Amanda Pizzolatto
You Are the Daily Good – Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall
Bible Trivia
Next Issue

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