Making Maids

By Samantha Terrell (Rated G)

[I]f the Lord had not been on our side when people attacked us, they would have swallowed us alive when their anger flared against us; the flood would have engulfed us, the torrent would have swept over us, the raging waters would have swept us away. -Psalm 124:2-5

I fell asleep thinking about swollen river banks –  it’s

Rained for two days straight. Overnight, 

Thunder rolled outside as I rolled over

In my sleep, and woke 

Thinking of Moses – 

Incidentally, not the parting of the Red Sea, but

Coming down the mountain with 

His tablets, trying to clean up the 

Behavior of his people. 

Moses was prophet, 

Turned maid – one in a long list of 

Giants become servants. 

When will we learn real 

Purpose doesn’t come from over-full banks, but

Cleaning up the messes they make?

What do you think?

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