Your Browser is No Longer Supported

By Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall (Rated G)

Thank you for visiting asymmetrical.
You are using a heritage legacy
Browser HELP CENTER that worked just fine and met
All your home and business needs but which some
Shaven-headed twit in a cartoon tee
Ditched because he had nothing better to do
In Waycool California which may impact
Your reading experience for the best experience
We recommend you access the newer than new
Golly Gosh Browser that we trust you will find
To be user hostile, difficult to load,
Confusing, HELP CENTER, oblique, and obtuse
Our most obvious feature is to make
It almost impossible to import
All your tabs and addresses and connections
Because we are in the 21st century
And we must come together all as one
Because you had nothing better to do
Spend hours rattling the computer keys
Only for us to say you were unsuccessful
And you must start all over HELP CENTER

What do you think?

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