Spring 2021: Acts of Mercy: Spiritual Works of Mercy

Join us as we explore the Spiritual Works of Mercy. In these pages you will learn what the Seven Spiritual Works of Mercy are, what various denominations think of abortion and contraception, and the stories of some saints. You will also find a story about forgiveness, suggestions on correcting sinners, prayers, non-fiction, poetry, book and media recommendations, and puzzles, as well as our various views on war in Controversy Corner. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Read it as a PDF here:

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Table of Contents:
Editor’s Note – Sarah Levesque
Letters to the Editor
List of the Spiritual Acts of Mercy
A Prayer – Cardinal John Henry Newman
Scripture Search
Thus Always to Tyrants – Rose Therese
Dear Pastor by Stephen Kuehne
Controversy Corner – Various Authors
Author Interview with Angela R. Watts
Correcting the Sinner – Sarah Levesque
Pursuer – Michala Hampton
There’s A Wideness in God’s Mercy – Frederick William Faber (performed by Bernard James Brodeur)
The Power of Prayer – Amanda Pizzolatto
Book & Media Suggestions – Various Authors
The Wrath of God: A Meditation on the Imprecatory Psalms – Ian Wilson
Saint Joseph and the Spiritual Acts of Mercy – Sarah Levesque
Bible Trivia
Next Issue

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