Coffee and Cookies after Mass

By Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall

Only there is no coffee after Mass
No cookies or Kool-Aid for the kidlets
The parish hall has been locked up for months
And you know, there’s just something wrong with that

There is no one to remind the children
Only two cookies each, because there are no children
No old people enthroned in folding chairs
To fuss as ever about about children these days

Dear child, my heart and my life, I don’t know
If the bishop wants you to have a cookie after Mass

But I do

One thought on “Coffee and Cookies after Mass

  1. Upon re-reading this I realize I am perhaps unclear – the lockdowns were essential for the safety of all, and this is not a criticism of them but only a wistful longing for a return to normality. And, happily, this has come to pass.


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