Eternal Cycles

By Samantha Terrell

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End…
– Revelation 1:8

I am becoming a blade of grass,
That grows and withers, yes.
But also, as it does so,
Develops some perfect Kelly green stalk, and
Other bits of frayed brown sun-dried edges.
So I am, and I am becoming, and I am imperfect grass.
I am becoming a small child
Who grows, yes,
Into an adolescent, adult, elder,
And I am good and I am evil, and
I am a perfectly imperfect person.
And I am, and I am becoming, and I am human.
I am becoming a system of
Government, an institution, a hospital, a school.
I am strong and capable and helpful,
But also greedy and cruel and a failure
Alongside a beacon of success.
I am, and I am becoming, a shrewd system.
I am an incomprehensibly vast network of
Universes, full of stars, moons, suns and planets –
Full of stunning creatures,
And barren wastelands.
Because I am, and
I am becoming.

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