Window Shopping

By Lyn Wilson (Rated G)

The third in a mini series that began with “Assume Nothing“. Find them all here.

A well tailored suit with matching hat.
Groomed mustache,
spotless shoes and French cologne;
Classic vintage look from his own vintage store.

Felicity would arrive soon.
Their weekly outing.
Window shopping along the main street.
Coffee and dessert.

A timeless Chanel sheath dress,
Chic mohair cardigan.
Patent leather kitten heels and purse,
A black wool beret worn in a carefree manner.

She set out to Assume Nothing.
Adil would be waiting for her.
Grey gloves in hand.
She could feel a blush rising to her cheeks.

It was her favorite day of the week.
They might stop at the bookstore;
Sometimes they would visit with the jeweler.
They always stopped to take in the window displays.

Adil put his hand in his jacket pocket.
A smile crosses his face; it’s her birthday.
His gift, a cloisonne bracelet from his native Morocco.
It was a small token from his heart.

The bright reds and blues of the enamel
Against Felicity’s pearlescent skin.
His mother would approve.
She was so much more than just beauty.

The bell rings
Adil meets her at the door.
He compliments her clothing choice,
Inwardly smiling at how charming her pink cheeks are.

Assume Nothing is closed for the afternoon.
Together they walk downtown.
Adil knows so many people;
He greets them all cordially by name.

Felicity feels so proud.
Yet selfishly wants his time for herself.
He was an important part of the business community.
She still blushes when he introduces her.

She is always in his thoughts.
He understands her feeling of apprehension.
His friends are important people in the community.
None are more important than she.

She straightens his pocket square.
He offers his arm.
They arrive at their favorite bake shop.
The waitress brings their Moroccan spiced coffee.

Adil had placed a special order.
Traditional Meskouta cake.
Felicity smiled and dabbed a tear from her eye.
He made her birthday so filled with joy.

He pulled a immaculately wrapped package from his pocket.
Her face turned bright pink.
He smiled broadly.
She gasps at the gorgeous gold and enamel bracelet.

More tears.
Truly a gift filled her heart with joy.
He was the most thoughtful man she’d ever met.
She was blessed to have him in her life.

He wondered how she could be more perfect for him.
There will come a day when he will ask her hand in marriage;
He could not imagine life without her.
She was exactly what he needed.

Felicity spent the evening with Adil.
The fireplace warms the smell of the frankincense on his clothes.
Cocoa and tales of his childhood.
She could listen to him forever.

After he puts Felicity in a cab headed for home.
He sits watching the fire.
He thought of her infectious laugh
She was a breath of fresh air in his life.

Secretly she wanted to be Mrs. Adil Danan
But for now she was blissfully happy being his sweetheart.
The adventure began at Assume Nothing.
That name, more than a little ironic.

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