Adil’s Autumn Picnic

By Lyn Wilson (Rated G)

The fifth in a mini series that began with “Assume Nothing“. Find them all here.

Adil dropped his luggage at the door.
He and his assistant Ziri had been on a buying trip.
He used to enjoy these jaunts to the city
In the past, before Felicity.

He talked to her every evening.
Felicity wept a little.
Such a strenuous week at the office.
An audit, more demanding than expected.

Adil’s heart felt heavy
Hearing her weep,
Unable to be present to console her.
Flowers and chocolates could not wipe away her tears.

Picking up the phone receiver, he calls her.
He is home now.
A sigh of relief and a cry of happiness.
She thanks him for the gifts he sent to her.

He arranges to meet her in an hour.
A casual outing.
The car will be there to pick her up.
He smiles to himself.

He has arranged a picnic by the river.
Just the two of them.
Away from all distractions.
An old fashioned picnic.

A surprise for his darling Felicity.
The setting: an open field by a river surrounded by trees.
Autumn colors at their peak
As a small waterfall bubbles lightly in the background

Ornate tapestry fabric over a wood frame for shelter
Beautiful rugs, woven rugs, placed on the ground
Overstuffed pillows, a small table.
A crackling fire not far away.

Food from Felicity’s favorite restaurant
Vintage table and glassware.
Candles to create a romantic air.
He brought beautifully decorated candlesticks in the city.

He calls to see if all is in readiness.
Quickly he changes his clothing.
A sweater, a corduroy jacket, pants, and boots.
He wanted this to be a day she remembers.

Blankets, a lighter, his flashlight, cellular phone…
The car arrives.
He bids Ziri a good evening.
His heart filled with excitement.

He meets Felicity at the door.
Her hair tucked in a scarf tied in a bow,
A denim jacket, sweater, capri pants and short hiking boots.
To Adil she looks perfect.

She sits close to him
He takes her hand in his.
She looks at him quizzically as they drive into the country.
He gives her a knowing look.

Felicity gasps as she spies the beautiful setting.
The pathway to their picnic spot lined with candles
As the firepit roars to life on cue.
The gold tread in the tapestry glimmers in the fire light.

A waiter appears from the shelter,
Their meal is ready to be served.
Adil offers her a pillow upon which to sit
He covers her with a blanket for warmth.

Sunlight peeking through the shelter
Slight breezes blow fallen leaves gently past their hide-away
Quiet sounds of water falling over rocks.
Birds call as if to lend their music to the rendezvous.

Felicity and Adil catch up on the week
Talking in quiet tones.
Adil dismisses the waiter after the meal is served.
They are alone, finally.

The world goes by unnoticed.
It is just the two of them.
Felicity relaxes by the fire
Watching the water, taking in the fresh air.

Adil wonders if she could be more beautiful,
Wrapped in a blanket,
The fire bringing color to her fair cheeks.
Her smile left him breathless.

Felicity does not want this evening to end.
Adil asks if she would come back to Assume Nothing.
She happily accepts his invitation.
The car arrives to take them back to the shop.

At the shop Adil lights a small fire in the fireplace
He offers her a small, delicately decorated cake and tea.
She sits and listens to him talk about his trip.
He is simply enthralling.

Time had not passed them by.
It grows late.
Adil calls a taxi.
They stand at the door waiting.

Adil brushes a curl from her forehead.
Felicity blushes.
She gives him a light kiss on the cheek.
He walks her to the taxi.

Exhausted but totally at peace he slips into bed.
The phone rings.
She is home safe.
With a deep sense of gratitude in his heart, he drifts off to sleep.

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