Autumn 2021: Acts of Mercy: Justice & Mercy

Join us as we explore justice and mercy – are they opposites? Can God be both all just and all merciful? We explore these topics with cowboys, Hobbits, pirates, Aslan and more! You will also find prayers, poetry, book and media recommendations, and puzzles, as well as our various views on baptism in Controversy Corner. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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Table of Contents:
Editor’s Note – Sarah Levesque
Letters to the Editor
Verse, Prayers & Letters to the Editor
Justice & Mercy in the Old Testament – Sarah Levesque
Arthur and Eithne – Thomas Adams
Ghost Riders of the Flying Dutchmen & Hell – Cordelia Fitzgerald
Scripture Search
Controversy Corner
My Lord, Have Mercy – Amanda Pizzolatto
Author Interview with Killarney Traynor
The Vengeance of God – Ian Wilson
And Can It Be – Charles Wesley, performed by Jordan Quigley
Musical Musings – Jordan Quigley
Book & Media Suggestions
The Problem of Edmund – Sarah Levesque
Bible Trivia
Next Issue

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