Adil Moves House

By Lyn Wilson (Rated G)

The sixth in a mini series that began with “Assume Nothing“. Find them all here.

Adil looked around him –
Memories, an apartment full of memories.
His beautiful mother.
His wise father.
His siblings.

His parents passed years ago.
He can still hear their voices.
Every room had a special story.
In his mind every room was a living, breathing place.

This apartment, a refuge for his family.
They left the tyranny of Morocco,
Chased out because of politics,
Persecuted for their faith.

It would be difficult leaving this place.
The time had come.
A new house to make his own home.
This apartment would be home to another family.

His loyal friend Ziri had been by his side since he was a young man.
Ziri was his friend, his assistant, his business partner.
Their parents started a tiny antique shop together.
Now it is a thriving business.

Ziri should have the apartment now.
He has a growing family;
This place would be perfect.
A cozy home, new memories.

Adil’s life had changed since Felicity;
He felt overwhelmed with new purpose.
The world made more sense to him.
He had her by his side.

Closing the last box,
Closing a chapter of his life,
Closing the door on his former apartment,
Opening his heart to a new adventure.

He bought a tidy house outside of the village.
Felicity waits in the drive.
A turn of the key and both walk inside.
Trepidation and joy, flood over him.

Felicity draws in a breath.
“Adil, it’s beautiful” she exclaims.
He smiles broadly,
Thrilled she likes the decor.

Ziri appears from the kitchen.
Congratulations to his friend and a happy birthday wish.
He shakes Felicity’s hand warmly.
She smiles.

He thanks her for making Adil so happy.
Tears come to her eyes.
She does not speak.
The words in her eyes are enough.

Adil watches her face.
The perfect day to express the depth of his love,
His birthday in a new home on Thanksgiving Day.
He felt for the small ring pouch in his pocket.

A housewarming and birthday meal;
Ziri and his wife Rihane would join them for dinner.
A new special place.
A quiet meal with friends.

Felicity blushes.
She is not dressed for such a lovely dinner.
Rihane assures her that her presence is enough.
Felicity nods quietly.

Ziri and Rihane slip into the kitchen.
Folk music plays quietly in the background.
With this backdrop, Adil stands from the table.
Kneeling at her side, he takes Felicity’s hands in his own.

Adil vows his love.
Quoting an ancestral proverb he says,
“He who has nothing to die for has nothing to live for.”
He chokes back tears, continuing, “I would die for you.”

Slipping an engagement ring on her finger,
He asks her to be his forever.
Tears of happiness rolling down her face,
Felicity agrees to be his wife.

Matsouka and music,
Laughter and hugs,
Four friends delight in the betrothal.
The first memory made in Adil’s home is with the people he loves most.

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