Felicity and The Long Night

By Lyn Wilson (Rated G)

The seventh in a mini series that began with “Assume Nothing“. Find them all here.

The rain began falling ever more insistently.
Felicity stood at the big picture window watching ice form on every surface.
The plants, trees, sidewalks, cars, electrical wires covered.
She held her little dog closer to her.

Adil was away on a business trip to the city,
His plane delayed due to the storm.
She hadn’t heard from him in a few hours.
The worry began to gnaw at her.

She couldn’t help but feel apprehensive;
The storm is worse than predicted.
Despite her efforts she felt a growing sense of fear.
She begins to pray, again.

The clock reads 2:00 am.
2:00 am!
She turns to face the loveseat on which lay two beautifully fragile garments.
Subtly faded, gracefully aged, preserved with love.

A gorgeous, knee length jacket made of fine handwoven Moroccan wool,
A dazzling kaleidoscope of shape and color, hand stitched and overlaid with gold embroidery.
It belonged to Adil’s mother, Dihya.
A treasured piece of her homeland.

Next to it lay a delicate white lace and velvet dress with pearl accents.
Handmade tatting adorned the sleeves.
The wedding dress of her grandmother, Sophia.
It was much too fragile to wear; she would have a replica made for her own wedding.

She and Adil have come up with ways to blend the two traditional garments.
The unification of cultures between the Danan family and her own.
Honoring both families through the celebration of marriage,
Looking to the past to anchor their future together.

Felicity tried hard to focus on the wedding plans.
Red, white, black; evening wedding colors.
Friends, family, the community surrounding them as they celebrate their vows.
The beauty and meaning of the Eastern Orthodox wedding ceremony.

She is excited to share thoughts on their wedding with Adil.
He has played a role in planning their celebration.
“A sacred day,” she says aloud to her little dog Skipper.
She pushes back the worry by thinking about her wedding ensemble.
The red jacket with white lining over the white lace and velvet dress would be striking.
A February wedding.
She hoped her mother would have approved.
But at the moment the only thing that mattered was seeing Adil again.

3:00 am. The phone rings.
Felicity is startled by the noise.
Breathlessly she answers the phone.
Adil’s voice.

Her heart races with joy as she opens the door.
He took the train home to surprise her.
His eyes twinkle with delight as he hands her a box
She kisses his cheek.

A present from the city.
A Moroccan Sabra scarf to match his mother’s jacket.
She weeps at his thoughtfulness.
He wipes a tear from her eye then kisses her cheek.

He must go.
For the sake of propriety, and the lateness of the hour.
Will she come out to breakfast with him?
Yes, of course she will.

He will call when he gets to the house.
Falling into bed, laughing and crying at the same time.
She waits for the phone to ring.
“Hello,” she answers the phone. “Sleep well, my love”.

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