Spring, Spring, Spring

By Amanda Pizzolatto (Rated G)

Spring, it won’t be long before the hills are covered in green
Spring, I want to roll in all the scents that flowers bring

Spring, I want to enjoy the sights, the sounds, and everything
Spring, I want to sit and hear the little bluebirds sing

Where the grass is green and soft
That’s where I want to be
Dancing and leaping in time to
The robin’s sweet melody
The world seems so fresh and new
And it sings of hope and vitality

Spring, the world comes to life with flowers and hills of green
Spring, it calls out birds, and bunnies, and every cute little thing

What is the world without a spring
What is Easter without some green

I’ll soon be rolling down hills of green
Listening to robins and bluebirds sing
While a sense of hope fills everything
And the life and joy that it can bring

So wake up and get out there, breathe it all in
Enjoy the sensation that only spring can bring.
Spring, spring, spring, spring!

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