Faithful Friday: Martin Chemnitz

By Sarah Levesque (Rated G)

Martin Chemnitz (1522-1586) was a second wave Lutheran, often known as “the Second Martin” as his contributions to the Lutheran faith were second only to those of Martin Luther. Though poor, Chemnitz managed to get a good education and was originally focused on mathematics and astrology, but eventually turned his back on the latter in favor of theology. He read Scripture and the works of the Church Fathers as well as the works of his contemporaries, and became a follower of Martin Luther, whose ideas he defended strongly. It was through the efforts of Chemnitz and Jakob Andreä that the German Lutherans were united in 1577 with the Formula of Concord. His writings cover many topics, including Christ’s human and divine natures and a Lutheran response to the Council of Trent (itself the Catholic Church’s response to the Protestant Reformation). 

May we, like Martin Chemnitz, educate ourselves in matters of faith and strive to unite those around us.


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