Lilies on the Altar

By Amanda Pizzolatto (Rated G)

With tender care the lilies are arranged
Set on either side of the candlestick’s flame
A splash of white against the setting sun
Accenting the altar in a flowery frame

The sun’s warm glow slowly fades
As below the horizon it dips lower and lower
And the shadows lengthen and grow
As night lays down a blanket of dark cover

The night grows darker and darker
The sounds in the night seem to jeer
With taunting accusations of loneliness
Creating a tense and scary atmosphere

Yet the lilies stand tall and firm
And the unwavering flames continue to burn
Ignoring the discord that never sleeps
Knowing that soon it will be their turn

When the night seems to be at its darkest
Does light flood the room and church bells ring
Announcing the defeat of evil and the Resurrection
The gates of Heaven open to our Lord and King

Hallelujah, hallelujah our Savior has beaten death
He has retaken control of the night
He has cleared the path and opened the gates
As angels sing of His glory and might

The sun peeks its head over the horizon
And its blazing rays chase the shadows away
The lilies and the candles are still standing
And a cave where a body no longer lays

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