A Rainbow in The Garden

By Amanda Pizzolatto (Rated G)

There’s a rainbow blooming in the garden
An array of colors adorning the sides of the path
As petals unfurl and release their sweet perfume
While melodies are swapped at the bird bath

The tulips spread their petals of flaming red
An exciting rush of energy across the land
The orange of peonies are a bold move
Adding a loud note to the colorful band

Daffodils shake their familiar yellow heads
While happily dancing a waltz with the wind
Gladioli add a dash of green along with the grass
For messages of hope they begin to send

Irises come in with lovely shades of blue
Their calming presence sweetens with every little bow
If lavender had legs, they would prance about
These royal purples always seeking to wow

Cherry blossoms descend with a gentle flair
Covering the ground in a soft, pink snow
While every other flower peeks out in between
Dressed up to the nines for the colorful show

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