Spring 2022: The Virtue of Temperance

Join us as we explore Temperance, with sides of Charity, Meekness and Forgiveness! Inside you’ll find various thoughts on Temperance as well as a new ending to an old Greek myth, a review of a comic series and more. We are also introducing a contest… check it out!

Read it as a PDF here:

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Table of Contents:
Editor’s Note – Sarah Levesque
Bible Verse, Prayers, Definitions & Letters to the Editor
Temperance – Sarah Levesque
Wond’rous be the Blood – Jordan Ellis Christensen
Beaten and Shot to Death – Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall
DeeperDown by Zeragii – T.K. Wilson
Holy Heroes: St. Elizabeth of Hungary – Sarah Levesque
Humility – Sarah Levesque
Scripture Search
Controversy Corner – Various
Saying No To Me – Amanda Pizzolatto
Author Interview with Eric Tamburino
Hymn: Lord of All Hopefulness – Jan Struther (performed by Amy N. & Sarah Levesque)
Musical Musings – Ian Wilson
The Waterfall – Ryan Ouellette
Book & Media Suggestions – Various
The Necessity of Temperance – Amanda Pizzolatto
Bible Trivia
Next Issue

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