The Song of the Rotor-Tiller

A collection of poems by Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall (Rated G)

Moonlight and the Transfiguration

Up before dawn; the dogs would have it so
Demanding to be taken for their first patrol
Snuffling and barking mysteries along the ground
While we consider the mysteries of the stars

The moon is full, and Venus anticipates the dawn
Dogs know nothing of the Transfiguration
And I don’t really understand it myself
And that’s okay

Up before dawn, for God will have us so
Savoring the beautiful mysteries given us

No, Mr. Sandburg
Fog as Experienced by a Farm Boy

The fog doesn’t come on little cat feet
It stinks and slinks across the fields
Maybe Grendel creeps within it –
He wants to eat us before dawn

Morning Coffee with Signor Bialetti

Wreckage is everywhere, two apple trees down
Limbs and leaves and litter, shingles and wood
The lawns are white with shoals of springtime hail
The lines are down and the power is out

But Signor Bialetti from Italy
A super-hero in aluminum
Is pleased to take his place on the camping stove
Twirl his moustache and stride through Sterno fire

Singing songs from his favorite libretti
While making us coffee – O brave Signor Bialetti!

The Song of the Rotor-Tiller is Heard in Our Land

The tines are set for six inches

Today we harvest broken bits of glass
Fragments of old toys, bit of aluminum
A Sylvania flash cube still intact
From a picture taken decades ago

The tines are set for rich earth

Tomorrow we’ll plant sunflowers to sing
“Slava Ukraini!” In the summer sun
Tomatoes, zinnias, peppers in their zones
A little sweet corn and more flowers for fun

The tines are set for happiness

In this little garden-world of peace
Between the bee-pool and the olive tree

A Moment Between Worlds

When I step outside to visit the stars
To gaze upon Venus and Jupiter
Who ask no questions, who make no demands
I hope to celebrate the universe in some small way

But maybe not

Coyote-wolf-dog thingies keen in the woods
And autumn cold comes creeping across the fields
There is no Grendel out there in the mist
That is, I don’t think there is, but maybe…

But maybe what?

These all remind me that I am but a visitor
And that it’s time for me to go inside

To Wish Upon a Star

To wish upon a star is right enough
For maybe it can make your dreams come true
But do remember this when things are rough:
Maybe that star is wishing upon you

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