The Riddle of Amaryllion: Part 5. Matthew’s Epilogue

By Amanda Pizzolatto (Rated G)

Find the previous segments of the story here.

Well, what do you think Harry said? Of course, he said yes to going home and taking a portal key to come back! He had truly become such good friends with Elliot, and soon with Kathleen, that he just enjoys using the magic watch I’ve given him to open up portals and visit whenever he can. He is such a joy to be around. Soon, the people of Calla Springs came to know him too and have chosen him to be their town’s mascot, basically. He totally enjoys it and is a constant guest at Amaryllion. Yes, I handed over Martagon Hotel to Leonard, and he’s more than happy; he’s been wanting the job ever since I told him he could get it if he worked up to it. Well, he’s proved himself in more ways than one and I am quite happy leaving my wonderful hotel in such capable hands. I’m sure his heirs will be just as capable as him.

And as for Elliot and Kathleen, well, their little friendship has blossomed into a lovely romance during the years that Elliot finished up his degree. They were soon married and are now happily traveling the world, he is putting that degree in history to very good use digging up history long thought disappeared while she is taking photos of his progress and the landscapes. Though, as soon as they have their first child, I’ll bet they’ll call Crystal Woods home. Elliot likes the town just as much as Kathleen does.

And as for me, well, what can I say? I’m a genie, always roaming, always traveling, with nowhere to really call home per se. I’m off to find another curse to lift, ensuring another happy ending to make happen. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were next? Well, I’m sorry, but, I can’t handle everyone. Sometimes, you have to find your happy ending on your own, even if it takes more time without my help. But don’t worry, there’s always hope, you just have to keep working, keep looking, and don’t give up. You give up and that’s the first sign that you’ll never get it. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the story and good luck to you in finding your happiness. Here is one hint, your happiness isn’t the same as someone else’s, it’s unique to you and to you alone, so don’t try to chase anyone else’s dreams or want whatever they might have already, it won’t make you happy. Just saying.

Well, good luck, God bless, safe travels, and the best of wishes to your happiness. Bye!

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