Adil’s Tuxedo

By Lyn Wilson (Rated G)

The eighth in a mini series that began with “Assume Nothing“. Find them all here.

Adil paces the floor
Impatiently waiting for a very important package to arrive.
His suit, the suit, the perfect tuxedo for his wedding
A vintage tuxedo like that worn by Cary Grant

Arriving from France.
The package had been delayed three times.
He worried; would arrive in time?
With mere hours until the rehearsal dinner, there would be no time for alterations.

The buzzer sounds at the door of “Assume Nothing.”
He races to the door.
“Good morning, sir.”
“Good morning, I need your signature please”.

Adil calls his friends.
Ziri and Rihane hurry in with their children in tow.
Rebeka, Simon,
And the toddler, Joy, will participate in the wedding.

Rihane furiously waves at Adil, urging him to try on the suit
Ziri smiles and shrugs at his friend.
Adil disappears into his office.
He returns wearing the tuxedo made for him.

Rihane wipes a tear of joy from her eye,
Placing her hand over her heart and nods at Adil.
It is perfect.
Ziri and Rihane smile at one another, grateful to see their friend so happy.

Adil planned this suit as a wedding day surprise for his bride.
The old movies they watch together.
The perfect suits,
The beautiful dresses.

Felicity said she wished they could find a suit with a red dinner jacket
Like those from the 1960’s.
She thought that it was not possible to find such a suit.
Rihane and Ziri set about finding this suit.

He went to all the usual fittings
He pretended to “settle” for a modern tuxedo
All the while he knew that Rihane found a tailor.
Felicity should have her dream.
Ziri and Rihane take the suit to be pressed.
The children chat happily as they leave the shop.
Adil stands staring absent mindedly in the mirror.
Deep in thought.

People say Felicity is the woman of his dreams;
Little do they know he could not have imagined such an extraordinary woman.
She refused to talk about blissful happiness.
That emotion was fleeting.

They talk about peace and contentment –
That is lasting through their faith in God.
Tomorrow would be the first day of a life together,
A life that began assuming nothing.

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