Faithful Friday: St. Kilian

By Sarah Levesque (Rated PG)

St. Kilian (sometimes spelled “Killian” or “Cillian”) was born in the mid 600s in Ireland. He became a missionary and a traveling bishop in the custom of the Irish Church and, after receiving permission from Pope Conon in Rome, began preaching in Thuringia and Franconia (now in and around Germany) alongside his companions St. Coloman and St. Totnan. Upon the conversion of Duke Gozbert of Würzburg, Kilian explained to the duke that he must separate from the union with his brother’s widow, Geilana, for such a union was considered unholy in that age. Geliana conspired against Kilian and his companions and had all three beheaded and buried immediately with all their religious possessions around 689. Kilian is particularly venerated in Würzburg, in Ireland and in Vienna. His feast day is July 8th.

May we, like St. Kilian, be unafraid to proclaim God’s word boldly, even in the face of strong opposition.

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