Seven Haiku for the Pleiades

By Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall

  1. Two Goddesses and a God Come to Visit

All in the same sky:
Luna, Venus, Jupiter
While the soft winds sigh

  1. Barefoot in the Stilly Dawn

Barefoot in the grass
Eyes to the east, the stilly dawn
The stars have withdrawn

  1. Dachshunds on Their Dawn Patrol

Every dachshund thinks
That she is a timber wolf –
Perhaps it is so

  1. Summer Lingers

Yes, summer lingers
Crickets sing throughout the night
Their October hymns

  1. A Prison Visit

The horizon has no meaning
If the prisoners look up –
Concertina wire

  1. The Prayers of Planets and Stars

The planets and stars
Need not our prayers; they never sinned –
Do they pray for us?

The seventh poem – think of the Subaru badge – is not seen. That thoughtful poem is the one you will write.

What do you think?

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