Faithful Friday: St. John Cantius

By Caroline Liberatore (Rated G)

In many ways, St. John Cantius lived an unassuming life. As a young man, he applied himself to academics, with a particular focus on philosophy and theology. Although he demonstrated exceptional scholarship, what particularly set him apart in the eyes of his instructors was his contented and agreeable temperament. His favored position readied him to become a professor and ordained priest after receiving his doctorate. Although Fr. John was eventually appointed as parish priest, this duty was short-lived per his own preference. He remained in the academic sphere, specializing in philosophy, scripture, and theology.

While Fr. John demonstrated a clear affinity for the academic knowledge and study of God, he did not neglect to admirably embody an animate faith. He was known for his acts of generosity to those in his community and his students, to whom he gave much of his money and possessions. Fr. John also became well-known for demonstrations of spiritual faithfulness and potency, making many pilgrimages and taking part in many miracles. Most remarkably, many of the miracles he performed commenced promptly after his death.

As St. John Cantius, let us not neglect to embody the simple compassion and care of Christ in the midst of our theological, academic, and vocational pursuits.


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