St. Nicholas’ Night

By Amanda Pizzolatto (Rated G)

The original Santa Claus
Was a man who lived in Turkey
A very long time ago, tis true
A jolly, dear old Bishop
Who took his duties seriously
And a smile when times were blue

For he loved the Christ Child
And tried to be more like Him
Giving away all that he could, you see,
So he helped those in need
Though he is also known for a limb
One he used to help fight heresy

But he is best known for his nightly trips
That he began one night, so long ago
When he helped three sisters and their father
They were in desperate need of money
Each daughter needed a dowry to marry her beau
But things hadn’t been well since the loss of their mother

So good old Saint Nick took it upon himself
To make sure they had everything they needed
And dropped down the chimney bags of money
So the three sisters could get married
This action for generations was heeded
And became a tradition to make hearts sunny

Now folks get gifts for children
And place them in stockings hung by the chimney
Or in shoes or place them under the tree
And say that Saint Nick brought them
So they can enjoy a kind of anonymity
And continue the lessons in charity and humility

Meanwhile, good old Saint Nick gets to enjoy
The greatest, most wonderful gift of all
Of getting to be in the presence of the Lord
He Whom he loved ever so dearly
And having heeded his Lord’s saintly call
Can now bask in the Father’s, Son’s, and Spirit’s every word.

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