Winter 2023: An Issue of Life

Join us as we explore the issues of Life! In this issue you will find poetry, two new stories, discussions of human dignity, and plenty more! Also, check out our photo contest entries on page six!

Prefer listening to podcasts instead of reading? We’ve got a lot of different ways to listen! Check one (or more) out! (Please note that, due to technical reasons, publication may be delayed on some platforms.)

Update: Due to technical difficulties, publication of the audio magazine has been delayed a week. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Table of Contents:
Verse, Definitions, Prayer & Letters to the Editor
Photo Contest Entries
Liberty’s Kids: The Value of Life – Amanda Pizzolatto
The Least of My Brethren – Sarah Levesque
Knights of Adonai Part 3: Healing – Joshua David Ling
Saint Spotlight: St. John Bosco – Ian Wilson
Will No One Friend Me on MyFaceSpaceBookToc? – Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall
Controversy Corner – Various
Hymn: I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say – Rev. Horatius Bonar & Rev. John Bacchus Dykes, performed by Lauren Brouillette
Musical Musings – T.K. Wilson
Strange Fruit Nouveau – Nathan Charette
The Great, Inconvenient Commission – Caroline Liberatore
Scripture Search
Author Interview with T.K. Wilson
Katrina and the Wild Hunt: A Tale of Evermore – T.K. Wilson
Dave Rubin Proves Gay Men Can Use Women, Too – Monica Murray Derr
“Let’s Slaughter All The Babies!” – Cordelia Fitzgerald
Book/Media Suggestions – Various
A Beating Heart To Beating Heart Conversation – B. Craig Grafton
Bible Trivia
Next Issue

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