A Premise of Joy

By Lyn Wilson (Rated G)

The ninth in a mini series that began with “Assume Nothing“. Find them all here.

By Lyn Wilson (Rated G)

The perfectly appointed banquet room shone with candle light.
Full length windows revealed softly falling February snow,
The mood festive.
A string quartet plays bright classical music.

Adil stands watching Felicity –
She walks through the candlelit hall;
She outshines the candlelight.
She greets an intimate gathering of friends .

He has been smiling for days.
She is the love of his life.
Her infectious personality makes her more beautiful.
People gravitate to her.

Her hair plaited with white pearls,
Her wedding dress covered in hundreds of glistening crystal beads,
A red jacket first worn by his mother draped around her shoulders –
Red silk embroidered with gold thread.

Felicity moves with such incredible grace
The lights in the room dance off each bead, each pearl.
She looked perfect from the top of her beautiful head to the shoes on her feet,
Nothing missing, nothing out of place, not in his eyes.

Their wedding ceremony was deeply moving;
Adil needed a few moments to take it in.
He watched his new bride.
Joy barely covered what he felt on this night.

He walked to her side.
She smiled, taking his arm
She walked him to their table in the middle of the room,
Remarking on his incredibly handsome hand-tailored suit.

She smiles broadly as she touches his graying hair.
She whispers that she loves him.
He whispers he loves her too.
She looks deeply into his eyes.

Rihane, the maid of honor, and Ziri, her husband and the best man,
Join them as their three children chatter delightfully.
Rihane casts Ziri a knowing look.
Truly this is the woman for Adil.

Rihane touches Felicity’s arm:
Time to cut the cake and send these lovely people on their way.
Ziri and Rihane take their children, Rebeka, Simon, and Joy,
By the hand as they wait for the cake cutting.

Felicity hands each child their piece of cake,
Kisses Rihane on both cheeks as Adil shakes Ziri’s hand.
It was time to go or they would be late for their plane.
Adil and Felicity sweep through the door.

It all began at Assume Nothing.
They would continue their lifelong adventure in their new home –
Not an engagement culminating in a wedding;
A wedding that begins a journey of love and constant discovery.

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