Spring 2023: An Issue of Liberty

Join us as we explore the issues of Life! In this issue you will find thoughts on history, Jesus, the prison system, motherhood, and plenty more! Don’t forget to check out the photo contest, Scripture Search, Book & Media Recommendations, and Bible Trivia!

Prefer listening to podcasts instead of reading? We’ve got a lot of different ways to listen! Check one (or more) out! (Please note that, due to technical reasons, publication may be delayed on some platforms.)

Table of Contents:
Verse, Prayers & Letters to the Editor
Photo Contest Entries – Various
A Funny Sort of Freedom – Sarah Levesque
Holy Hero – John Newton – Sarah Levesque
Lowly King – Caroline Liberatore
Finding Freedom In Motherhood – Grace Babineau
Controversy Corner – Various
Liberty’s Kids: Defense of Liberty – Amanda Pizzolatto
Pontifex Minimus – Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall
Fitted with an Ankle Monitor – Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall
A Prisoner’s Modest Dream – Lawrence “Mack in Texas” Hall
Hymn – My Country Tis of Thee – Samuel Francis Smith
Musical Musings – My Country Tis of Thee – Ian Wilson
Scripture Search
The Ballad of Fort McHenry – Joshua David Ling
Golden-Eyes, Heroine of Liberty – T.K. Wilson
Author Interview with Father Samuel S. Thorp
Book/Media Suggestions
The Gentlewoman’s Oppressive Liberty – Monica Murray Derr
Bible Trivia
Upcoming Issue

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