Winter Lady (Snowdrop)

By Amanda Pizzolatto

The crystalline stars fall from the cloudy skies

Covering her and all else that in stillness lies

She looks up above as her thoughts drift into space

Of thoughts old and memories buried in cold lace

As the cold stars known as snow continue to descend

Her jumbled thoughts and feelings begin to blend.

The silence around her shows her the way

The path she was following before she went astray

Listening to the loud noises instead of the whispers

Kept her from knowing her weaknesses and her fears.

Now she realizes what it is that she has to do

Though how to do it, the clues are so few

Thus she waits patiently for the time

When she will be led across the starting line

Back to where she needs to be

To earn her happiness and prosperity

She has to keep going down the path;

Her worst enemies will be greed and wrath.

But she does not worry for she knows

All she needs is to think of the silence of snow

To help push through any obstacles and never stop

Being the winter lady, the strong, sturdy snowdrop

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