Heaven’s View

By Amanda Pizzolatto (Rated G)

The Earth seemed to be in mourning. There had been an earthquake, the most terrible storms had popped up all over the place, and a volcano threatened to erupt. Though He had been put to death like a criminal, the Earth knew its Maker and was sorely upset. Yet, while the Earth rumbled and moaned with sorrow, Heaven waited with baited breath. Yes, the gates of Heaven were now open, but their King had gone to rescue several good souls from the depths of hell, and they waited for their arrival. 

The moment finally came, their King approached the gates of Heaven with a multitude of people. The angels rejoiced and trumpets rang as the people were welcomed into Heaven. As the souls entered the heavenly realm, the Trinity spoke to each other for a little bit. Once the last person had come through, none other than Jesus’ foster father Joseph, Jesus made his way back down to Earth. 

Meanwhile, those who knew Jesus on Earth were still very sad, and they could not properly bury Him as the Sabbath had come upon them. While everyone else rested, Jesus’ friends and followers waited in sorrow. Three women decided that, once the sun rose on the day after the Sabbath, they head out to the tomb and properly take care of their Master’s body. But their guardian angels’ wings fluttered with excitement and joy, knowing what actually awaited them on that approaching morn. 

Jesus returned to Earth in the wee hours of the morning, before the sun rose, accompanied by two angels. As He returned to His body, two angels startled the two soldiers guarding the tomb and sent them running. Together, they pushed the boulder out of the way, just in time for Jesus to come walking out, His body mostly healed, except for the wounds on His hands and feet and in His side, and radiant with heavenly glory. Jesus set off to reveal Himself to a few people, while the angels waited for the first people who would spread the news to the Apostles. 

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