Morning Sun

By Amanda Pizzolatto (Rated G)

The sun slowly rose in the east, its rays heading out to do their job. First, the sky began to lighten as the dark blue of night melted away into colors of rose, purple, and yellow, paving the way for the bright blue. Next, the shadows of the land are chased away as one after another, the rays touch the earth. The rays crept down into the valleys and meadows, kissing the flowers ever so gently to wake them up before moving on to the animals. Peeking into every nook and cranny, the rays would gently nudge the animals awake. Wake up, wake up! Another day is dawning, and the world is coming back to life. 

The birds are the first to respond to the sun’s gentle nudging as they fluff their feathers and greet the day with a song. Their happy chirping helps the sun wake the other animals. They yawn and stretch before going about their day as always. Most head off immediately to find food, others merely roll over for a few more winks. But eventually all are up as the sun  continues to rise and the sky gives way to a brilliant blue. Insects soon join in the foray, and the land is abuzz with color and life. 

But while this is all going on, a strange scene unfolds by a cave. The stone in front of it has been rolled back by invisible hands and a Man clothed in garments more glorious than the sun emerges. Several animals pause in their daily chores and bow to Him. He smiles at them before disappearing, and the animals continue about their day. And though nobody really noticed it, when the rays of the sun touched the Man, the sun itself, though it could never compare in glory or light, it did seem to glow a little brighter.

What do you think?

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