The Plight of Man

By J.C. Ellis (Rated PG)

Sin is a seductive shadow;
the damning dark that dwells within.
It keenly kills all kinds of man.
All folk are formed in its fury.
Man is grasped by the ghastly grave.
He is bound brightly by Abyss.
He is shackled sure to sheol.
He is doomed to decay and death.
We walk the way of timeless woe.
We are marred and most morbid.

Can hope be brought into this blight?
In deep darkness can light be lit?
Can life be born in depths of death
and can hard stone be made soft flesh?
Can rotting woe be made pure joy?
Can corrupt chaos become peace?
Can suff’ring die and bliss be born?
Can solitude end evermore?

Who can save us from our fierce fate?
Who can release us from our debt?
Who can break our bonds of error
and deliver us from hell’s depths?

What do you think?

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